Although competition in the industry of electronic musical instruments is increasing every year, Erica Synths has become one of Top 5 world's leading manufacturers of modular synthesizers.
About 5 years ago, there were about 50 manufacturers in this niche market, but now more than 300. Erica Synths' turnover has grown almost 100 times in just a few years, reaching $ 2.4 million last year.
Girts Ozolins, the head of Erica Synths, says that in less than six years since its foundation the company has seen significant improvements not only in its financial performance but also in the range of products it offers. Currently they offer about 150 different modular synthesizer modules. Including accessories and cases, they have about 300 different products in total. Likewise, the network of partners and wholesalers has grown significantly over the years, and as a result they have become quite well known in the industry. Erica Synths have invested heavily in instruments quality and their readiness for the stage that is highly appreciated by customers.
“At the beginning I created and sold DIY kits in the online forums. At that time, I had access to a variety of unique parts that were used extensively in Soviet-era synthesizers but were not widespread in the West, which resulted in me creating different products. I started the company in 2013 and worked alone for about a year, but soon realized I needed help, so I rented an office and hired one person to help me ship these kits. By the fall of 2015, our team had grown to five people, and now we are six together. Despite the rapid development, we try not to increase the number of employees. My commitment is to keep the team around that size without hiring new people and outsourcing the various processes to the maximum. I believe that this can only be done with good technical support and routine business partners,” G. Ozolins.

  Azenes 12, Riga, Latvia
  +371 22 001 023
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